Saturday February 17

Geshe Namgyal is offering to teach us beginning mala making. 

We have had many requests for classes. We’re pleased that Geshe Namgyal will share his knowledge with us.

To ensure we have supplies for everyone, we are asking for preregistration.

We will provide the string in various colors as well as the Guru bead.  We have a limited supply of beads, 108 for each mala. If you would like to purchase beads please come a few minutes early.  You’re welcome to being your beads or a mala that needs to be restrung.  In the Phoenix area there are a number of bead stores; there are also many sources to buy beads on-line.  There are also a number of sources to buy interesting Guru beads. The Guru bead is usually larger and is said to symbolize paying homage to the student-Guru relationship. 

Registration $20.00