12 linkZaChoeje Rinpoche developed four annual certified in-depth classes to give students a deeper understanding of the root teachings of Buddha.

Geshe Lobsang is offering the summer series  The 12 Links of Dependent Origination.

This series is open to those who commit to the 8-week course.  For your scheduling convenience, each class will be offered twice a week; Thursday 9:00am and Saturday 9:00am.  Homework assignments will be given to help further your understanding.  It is not necessary to have attended the first 8-week course to register.

 The 12 Links of Dependent Origination is the study of the links of the Law of Dependent Arising.  All things happen through causes and effects and these are interdependent.  No phenomenon occurs except as a reaction to a previous cause, and all phenomena will, in turn, condition the following result.  Better understanding of the 12 Links of Dependent Origination, how because of one thing something else arises, allows us to break the chain of conditioning that keeps us circling in the suffering of Samasara.  Becoming aware of these links, with wisdom dispelling ignorance, we can bring our suffering to an end.  Escaping Samsara and achieving enlightenment is the result of breaking these links.

 Classes begin June 21.  $108.00 suggested for the series. Registration: