Hearts On Fire

Tashi Delek! You are kindly invited to our annual fundraiser, November 17. We are planning a wonderful evening where we can spend time with ZaChoeje Rinpoche, the monks, friends and family.

We hope you will be inspired to come to show your support for Emaho and to help us raise much-needed funding. Emaho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our annual fundraiser is vital to our growth and sustainability. We need your support to continue to provide for our teacher, the monks, our center and to help support our three-fold mission.

The evening will include a talk by ZaChoeje. We’ve planned a marvelous dinner and amazing desserts by thoughtful creative chefs. You can bid on awesome auction items just in time for the coming holidays.

Please mark your calendar, bring friends and family to an evening at our lovely center. Spending social time with like-minded people, our teacher, and the monks is always an evening to remember.

Donation: $50.00

Preregistration is extremely helpful as we plan. Thank you all.