Emaho Center News, Fall 2014

Local Emaho benefactors were treated to a Tibetan dinner at the facility that will become the new Emaho center. They were able to see the facility before it begins its transformation. (See photos below)

With this new program, we are welcoming new benefactors. Because monthly pledges support the costs associated with running the center, monthly donations are becoming more critical. Help Emaho support Rinpoche’s global visions, and our larger new center. If you'd like to help support Emaho Foundation on a monthly basis, please choose your donation method and amount here:

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No matter the amount, your monthly donation is vital and deeply appreciated.




Help fulfill our goal to support our new center's expenses and our pledge our recommended amount of $30 per month or just $1 per day. Whether you contribute $5, $10, $100 or more, we appreciate your commitment with heartfelt thanks.

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Once again we are using the tale of the Four Harmonious Friends as the symbol for the Benefactor Bridge the gap program.

How the ideals of our mission statement become reality: read the invitation to the Bridge the Gap fundraiser and see how we are putting ideas into action.
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The Four Friends

Once upon a time an elephant came upon a giant tree in the forest by the river bank. He sat and rested in the shade. Soon a monkey came. The elephant said, "This is my tree. I found it first." The monkey replied, "Do you see any fruit on this tree?" "No" said the elephant. The monkey said “I was here before you. I ate all the fruit before you got here." The elephant then bowed to the monkey, "OK, you're my big brother, since you came here first."

"Wait a minute" said rabbit hopping by, “when I first saw this tree it was a sapling with few braches and no fruit.  I was here before either one of you.”

The elephant and monkey bowed to the rabbit: "OK, you're our big brother, since you were here first."

Just then, they heard a partridge on the treetop, “This tree wouldn't have sprouted if I didn't spit out the seed from a fruit I had eaten. So I was here before all of you.” The elephant, monkey, and rabbit, all bowed to the partridge, “OK, you're truly our big brother, since you planted this very tree.”

The four decided to live and share the tree together in peaceful harmony, enjoying the beauty of the tree’s fragrance, the nourishment of the fruit, and the bounty of the tree’s shade.  Other animals in the forest often see them happily together with the partridge on top of the rabbit that is held up by the money who rides on the elephant.  They are called the Four Harmonious Brothers and they live peacefully, happy and well together.