Current Teachings and Meditations

This page lists our current teachings and events. You can check out our previous events and workshops using the links in the side column.

Please join ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Saturday January 21
All day at Emaho Center

The empowerment weekend will be followed by our annual mantrathon on Saturday, January 21, which will be led by ZaChoeje Rinpoche. We will be joining dharma brothers and sisters around the world in collecting Avalokiteshvara's mantra, Om mani padme hum, for the sake of all. This mantra can lift the practitioner towards being a more loving and compassionate person. It will also bring transformation in you while leading you to be more courageous and strong.

After our empowerment and oral transmission of the mantra the week before, the mantrathon will become a refreshing one-day retreat, setting a loving and compassionate attitude for the new year.

Especially given the violent events we have recently witnessed, natural disasters, people displaced from home and sometimes country, global unrest, and social divisiveness, we can contribute to peaceful intentions by spending a day joining with our dharma brother sisters and friends in a mindful day of mantra recitation. Our annual mantrathon will be held with ZaChoeje Rinpoche leading us in wishes for a peaceful year, a year of benefical resolution to world problems, a year of healing and happiness.

The mantrathon will be a worldwide community event, with practitioners from Tashi Gaden Chopeling monastery in Tibet, nuns in Tehor, the people in Rinpoche's region in Tibet, residents of Drepung Loseling in India, Rinpoche's students in New Zealand, friends from Japan, the sangha from Yakima, the sangha in Durango, friends in New Mexico, and of course, our Emaho Phoenix sangha.

We will send out a stream of Avalokiteshvara's mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, to surround ourselves and the world with loving kindness. Avalokiteshvara, or Chenrezig, is the embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas.


ZaChoeje Rinpoche will be leading us from Emaho Center.
You are welcome to stay all day, drop in when your schedule permits, or join us from home.

  • 6:45am bagels, juice, coffee and tea
  • First session
  • Break 9:30am -10:00am
  • Second session
  • Lunch: soup and bread
 Noon - 1:30pm
  • Third session 1:30pm -3:30pm 
  • Break
 3:30 pm - 4:30pm
  • Fourth session 4:30pm -5:40pm


Most importantly, Emaho's Mantrathon welcomes the new year with friendship and our wishes for a peaceful year.

The mantrathon is also our global fundraiser in which we raise money to continue the work of ZaChoeje Rinpoche and to support Emaho's three-fold mission.

The mantrathon will begin at sunrise and end at sunset.
In Phoenix sunrise is 7:30am, sunset 5:50pm.

Gather friends and family to help your effort, having them pledge an amount for each mantra recited, each hundred or thousand mantras.

We suggest a donation of $108.

Please know that, with or without donation, all are always welcome.
Please keep track of your mantra collection and email your numbers to We will tally and announce the number of Om Mani Padme Hums chanted globally, posting the number we have collected for the sake of all.

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Except for the silent meditation hour with Geshe-la, meditations are guided. Practicing together helps us focus on developing love and compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness. Mahayana precepts are offered once a month by Geshe-la. See below for details of each meditation and event.

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