Welcome to Emaho Foundation

The Sanskrit word emaho (pronounced ay-mah-ho) is an expression of joy and wonder, and an invocation for auspiciousness.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Emaho Foundation is a Tibetan Buddhist center serving the greater Phoenix area. Founded in 2001 by ZaChoeje Rinpoche, Emaho is dedicated to sharing Tibetan culture in the West, supporting humanitarian projects worldwide, and assisting with personal spiritual development.


Wednesday July 8th, 7-8pm

Join us in a meditation on mindfulness, in which we learn to watch our thoughts without judgment or comment. Thus we  lay the foundation to go deeper into self discovery without confusion, fear or doubt, developing the awareness that builds a spiritual ground  from which to live our lives.

Everybody is welcome to join these meditations. The Wednesday guided meditations are popular among spiritual practitioners of all traditions.


with Geshe Lobsang Chophel

Saturday July, 11th, 9:30 -10:30 am

Learning the history of the Tibetan language and being able to recognize and pronounce characters aids us in realizing the full potential of our Buddhist studies. Included in the curriculum are language history, recognition and pronunciation of the characters of the alphabet, basic grammar, phrase construction and useful vocabulary.

The Great Exposition on the gradual path to enlightenment (Lam Rim)

with Geshe Lobsang Chophel

Saturday July 11th 11-12am

Geshe continues the teachings on the Great Exposition on the gradual path to enlightenment. The classes are designed for people new to Buddhism as well as the more advanced student. The classes are a fantastic opportunity to study in a traditional, personal Tibetan Buddhist setting with a revered Geshe.

The suggested donation for the Lam Rim classes is $ 15 a class.

It has always been the policy of Emaho to offer the Dharma without consideration of cost. The kind and generous suggested donations we receive go solely toward taking care of the expenses we incur running the center and providing space for practitioners and our kind teachers.


Teachings by ZaChoeje Rinpoche

Click here to follow our new Channel on Ustream where you can see live and archived recordings of Rinpoche's teachings. Recently available recordings include