2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort

Nepal Photos

In the aftermath of the massive April 2015 earthquake, the Emaho Foundation Care Team brought needed supplies and assistance to some of the most remote areas in the region.


TIbet trip

Tehor, Tibet Photos by George

Rinpoche took his first trip to TIbet in 2006 and returned in 2007. He was greeted by thousands of people, some who have waited a generation for him to return to his home region.


India PilgrimAge

Dharamsala, India Photos by Christine Keith

Every year His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gives teachings at his home monastery in Dharamsala in North India. People from all countries attend for these in-depth traditional Tibetan teachings.

Bodhgaya, India Photos by Christine Keith

The most famous pilgrimige site for Buddhist practitioners, Bodhgaya is the place where Shakyamuni Buddha realized his fullest potential and passed beyond all suffering.

Vulture Peak, India Photos by Christine Keith

Vulture Peak mountain is where the Buddha gave the first turning of the Prajnaparmita or wisdom teachings. It is here that he is believed to have transmitted the famous Heart of Wisdom Sutra.

Deer Park in Sarnath, India Photos by Christine Keith

The Buddha emerged from the forest after realizing Enlightenment and gave his first teaching known as the Four Noble Truths in Deer Park nearly 2500 years ago. He clarified the fourfold cause and effect of the condition of struggling and the path to go beyond into ultimate peace.

Nalanda Monastery Site, India Photos by Christine Keith

Nalanda Monastery was home to more than 10,000 monks and scholars and was considered the definitive learning institution of its time. It was home to great realized masters like Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Chandrakirti, and Shantideva to name a few. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama frequently praises the great achievements and he composed a praise dedicated to them.

Mysore, India Photos by Christine Keith and James Riviezzo

Mysore was the first stop on the 2005 trip. For many it was the first exposure to the rich culture of India. Mysore is known for it's fabric and sandalwood trade.


Bylakuppe, India Photos by Christine Keith

Bylakuppe was home to many displaced Tibetan refugees. Many of the monastaries from Tibet have been rebuilt in this area and has become a rich and welcoming Tibetan community. Many of our teachers who have traveled to the west lived and trained in this South India province.


Tantric University Photos by Christine Keith

The Tantric University is where many go to receive their higher education in Buddhist studies. This is only after completing the more than 10 years required to become a geshe in the monastic system.


retreats and empowerments

Palden Lhamo Retreat Photos by Christine Keith

Flagstaff, Arizona 2007



Medicine Buddha Retreat

Flagstaff, Arizona 2006



Green Tara Retreat Photos by Christine Keith

Flagstaff, Arizona 2005



special events

Zone of Ahimsa Peace Celebration Photos by Christine Keith

Another annual event that Emaho hosts is the Zone of Ahimsa Peace Celebration. Every December in commemmoration of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's Nobel Peace prize award Emaho hold a number of events around the community that promote the non-violent ideals that drive His Holiness in his quest for peace.