Student Talk

ZaChoeje Rinpoche designed the student talks so people would take a subject about which they know little or nothing and do research.  The talks become homework, benefiting the student and then benefiting the sangha.

January 13 Finding balance in our busy lives.  Lou Ann Behringer

February 21  Refraining from harm  

March 21 Scope of Suffering

April 18  Self and selflessness  James Riviezzo

May 16  Six Perfections  Donna Tash

June 20 Transforming Attitudes

July 18 Tsok 

August 15  Refuge  Mellisa Smith

September 19 Calm Abiding  Ira Pettit

October 17 Aspiring to Enlightenment

November 21 Four Noble Truths  Eileen Urbanowski

December 29  Impermanence