The 2019 student talk series will focus on the stories of the great masters. ZaChoeje Rinpoche has designed the student talks so  that the presenter does research on a Dharma topic to share with the sangha. The talks become homework, benefiting the student and the benefiting the sangha.

Sunday March 3
Topic: ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Sunday March 24
Topic: Nagarjuna
Moderator: Sian Behnfildt

Sunday April 21
Topic: Athisa
Moderator: Donna Tash

Sunday May 19
Topic: Shantideva
Moderator: Chris Savage

Sunday June 16
Topic: His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
Moderator: Melissa Smith

Sunday July 21
Topic: Jetsun Milarepa
Moderator: Jlseph Dyer

Sunday August 18
Topic: Lama Tsong-Kha-Pa
Moderator: Denise Viall

Sunday Septembr 15
Topic: Marpa Lotsawa
Moderator: Larce Savage

Sunday October 20 
Topic: His Holiness The 5th Dalai Lama
Moderator: James Riviezzo

Sunday November 17
Topic: Shakyamuni Buddha
Moderator: Michele Nguyen

Sunday December 15
Topic: Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche
Moderator: Ira Pettit