Zachoeje Rinpoche designed the student talks to not only benefit the Sangha but, more importantly, to benefit the person who reads, studies and prepares the talk. 
Rinpoche asks we pick a subject, preferably one about which we know little or nothing.

Sunday January 28
Topic: How to find balance in our busy lives
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Sunday February 23
Topic: How to find sustainable peace with self
Moderator: Sain

Sunday March 22
Topic: The 8 auspicious symbols and what they represent
Moderator: Otto

Sunday April 19 
Topic: How to deal with anger from a Buddhist point of view
Moderator: Parva

Sunday May 17
Topic: How to set up a practice altar at home
Moderator: Otto and Sian

Sunday June 14
Topic: What is the relationship between you and your spiritual teacher?
Moderator: Donna Tash

Sunday July 19
Topic:The qualities of a Bodhisattva
Moderator: Ira Pettit

Sunday August 16
Topic: Ethics and a good society

Sunday September 20 
Topic: What is universal responsibility?

Sunday October 18
Topic: Suffering, impermanence and death

Sunday November 22
Topic: Jataka Tales
Moderator: Lynne

Sunday December 20
Topic: The Seven-Limb Prayer