sixGeshe-la Lobsang will offer a traditional series of teaching on the Six Perfections, known also as the Six Paramitas. The Paramitas are principles of enlightened living followed by the bodhisattvas.

Applying these principles to all our actions enables us to follow the path of awakening. The Six Perfections are part of the Lam Rim, the gradual path to enlightenment. Join Geshe-la as he brings depth to our understanding of this important teaching.

This will an eight-week in-depth study. After successful completion a certificate will offered. For your convenience each class will be given Thursday and repeated on Saturday. 

The Perfection of Generosity: Generosity implies openness with our time, our resources, and our hearts. We all have within us the seed of generosity: consciously practicing the first perfection makes that seed grow and flourish.

The Perfection of Ethics: With the practice of ethics, we abandon harming others and work to benefit them. We cultivate a kind heart.

The Perfection of Patience: With patience, our minds remain undisturbed by the changing nature of samsara.

The Perfection of Enthusiasm: The energy we bring to our Dharma practice is that of joyous effort. We can generate the enthusiastic mind that takes delight in constructive actions, and thus counter any tendency toward laziness.

The Perfection of Concentration: As we gain the ability to control our minds, we gain liberation and enlightenment. Experiencing the joy of concentrated meditation is available on the path to awakening.

The Perfection of Wisdom: Transcendental wisdom, or prajna paramita, is the antidote to samsara. The Perfection of Wisdom refers to perceiving things as they really are.

Suggested donation for the series: $108