May 20 1Quarterly 6-week Class Series

For the in depth teaching series via Zoom, Rinpoche will give the introductory first class on 5/20 followed by 4 sessions on the topic by Geshe Lobsang. The 6th class will be a student talk on the subject followed by questions and answers. 

Each class in the series will be on Saturdays from 7-8:00 PM Phoenix time. We are hoping this new scheduling time will give our dharma brothers and sisters in New Zealand and Asia the opportunity to join us live-streaming.

About the series: without an understanding to guide us in samsara, we create problems for ourselves and others. To help, Buddha drew the Wheel of Life painting to help us understand the nature of life. He categorized the process of cyclic life into twelve components, known as the "Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination." Learning about and contemplating these simple yet powerful teachings can give us the clarity and insight we need to balance our life and enjoy the ride without struggling over the struggle.

Registration Steps:

  1. Email us at  We will email the link to the Zoom webinar and recordings (if any) to this address. Please note that you will use the same link to attend all of the days/sessions. **It is important not to skip this step even if you plan to attend in person**
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All are welcome. We appreciate you generous support and enthusiasm for our programs. Your donation also helps us to maintain the center. Emaho is a 501 c3 non-profit.