Early 2013: We are extremely pleased to report that ground has been broken for the new ZaGonsar Chopeling temple in Rinpoche’s Tehor, Tibet region. The generosity of donations from people like you have given the local people tools and materials to start building the new monastery foundation. Traditionally Tibet’s bitter winter keeps people indoors, but enthused men and women are out daily working on the project that symbolizes the first step in Rinpoche’s 25-year plan to bring sustainability to the community while preserving its precious culture.





During Rinpoche's 2005 visit to TIbet a group of nuns asked for his guidance and patronage to support their sangha. Rinpoche was impressed by the dedication and perseverence shown by this group of women in their efforts to uphold the monastic tradition with such limited resources.

Rinpoche asked the surrounding community to help to construct a proper temple and residences for the nuns to live and practice together.

Recent reports stated that the main temple was nearly complete. Emaho has pledged to help provide resources so that this extraordinary group of women can continue to practice together.



During Rinpoche's visit to Tibet he made a huge impact on the families of that region. He saw that enrollment in the local school was very low and that the children were in need of supplies.

Rinpoche recommended that all families make a strong effort to enroll their children in school. As a result school enrollment jumped more than 200 percent.

Rinpoche also provided uniforms for some of the children and started a lunch program with a promise to provide more resources so that children could go to school and stay there the entire day.