Union TeachingZaChoeje Rinpoche is giving a two-day workshop.
Topic: Blending Compassion with the Right Understanding of Emptiness
Emaho Center
10:00 - 4:00pm
Saturday August 25
Sunday August 26

When we see ourselves or others going through pain and suffering, we naturally tend to feel compassion. However, many times we don’t know what to do with it. Buddhist masters have taught profound methods on how to take the beautiful softness of compassion, with its sense of overwhelming kindness, as the foundation to build the necessary strength to correctly understand the truth of emptiness. Combining compassion with the right view of emptiness takes us to a new level of spiritual perception and growth.

In depth, with clarity, wisdom and insight, Rinpoche will share with us the methods and teaching of how we can harness our feelings of compassion with the right view of emptiness, building the unshakable foundation for great spiritual awareness with which to live our lives.

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