2019 - Workshops and Events

March 17

In preparation for ZaChoeje Rinpoche’s upcoming four-day workshop on death and dying from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective, he has encouraged us to organize and present a one-day workshop to proactively address many of the situations, issues and dilemmas we in the West face in our later years. We will look at how to clearly define and communicate as well as legally document our intentions for living with illness and for our dying. Some of our objectives for this one-day workshop include: Learning about what we need to do to ensure our wishes are carried out, ways to broach this discussion with our beloved, family and friends, steps to take to clearly organize our choices, composing an end of life map that will honor our preferences, and more.

Death and dying

To live fully with an open mind and open heart we also need to be able to face our own inescapable death and loss of loved ones. Tibetan Buddhist tradition has vastly reflected and deeply researched the nature of life and death. For centuries this pathway has been a profound awakening for many practitioners. Accepting the true impermanence nature of our life and death opens our heart to loving kindness and enables us to live life to our fullest potential. 

New Year 2019

Tashi Delek Welcome to the Year of the Earth Boar. Please join Geshe Lobsang as we welcome in the Tibetan New Year traditional morning prayers.

Mantrathon 12Please join us in welcoming 2019 with our annual one day Chenresig, Avalokiteshvara, retreat/Mantrathon. Emaho’s Mantrathon welcomes the new year strengthening our sangha friendships and our wishes for a year of global peace, health, happiness and spiritual growth.