Emaho Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization led by its spiritual director ZaChoeje Rinpoche and a volunteer board of directors.

Vision Statement

To make the world a better place through adopting universal responsibility and joyously practicing nonviolence, wisdom, love and compassion.

Mission Statement

The Emaho Foundation is dedicated to preserving and sharing Tibetan culture, supporting humanitarian projects, and assisting with spiritual development.

Core Values

It is the intent of the members of Emaho Foundation to create an inclusive environment for all people that models the six perfections:

  • Generosity
  • Ethics
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Concentration
  • Understanding



Emaho Foundation endeavors to alleviate suffering without discrimination through a number of volunteer  programs that support both local and international humanitarian efforts. Emaho’s programs for the Tehor region of Tibet, initiated in 2007, include children's school projects that provide uniforms for nearly 500 children and support a hot lunch program. Emaho also supports projects to rebuild architectural structures of historical importance and initiates programs that support monks and nuns living throughout the world. Locally we donate food to Desert Mission Food Bank, an affiliate of John C. Lincoln Health Network,which has been helping meet the hunger needs of the residents in the North Phoenix area since the 1920s.


Emaho supports Tibetan arts, artists, crafts, and culture through a variety of programs such as Tibetan language, children's programming, and book and film clubs. Visiting scholars lecture on philosophy and culture, and give overviews of the current situation faced by Tibetans in their homeland, in India and throughout the world.


ZaChoeje Rinpoche conducts skillful comprehensive teachings, workshops, meditations, empowerments, retreats and Buddhist studies to both local and worldwide communities for the greater peace, happiness and welfare of all. Emaho invites scholars and learned teachers to come share various aspects of Buddhist philosophy.

Board of directors

Executive Board:

Lou Ann Behringer, L.Ac. Chairperson  
Donna Tash, Vice Chair and Secretary
Regula Stewart PhD, Treasurer  
Mellisa B. Smith, Board member