Emaho's student-led discussions have been powerful tools of learning for Rinpoche's students. By exploring a topic taken from the teachings of Buddhism, students gain a valuable opportunity to dive deeply into a subject and then share their knowledge with others.

Students have commented that this practice has been both challenging and rewarding. Bringing together a presentation for others adds a new dimension to one's study. The richness and depth of Buddhism's often complex philosophy is challenging, yet it rewards the student willing to explore the teachings in this different way.

The discussions follow the popular Wednesday evening meditation sessions. We are fortunate that we can learn together in this time-honored manner.

2019 Schedule

The 2019 student talk series will focus on the stories of the great masters. 

Sunday March 3
Topic: ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Sunday March 24
Topic: Nagarjuna
Moderator: Sian Behnfildt

Sunday April 21
Topic: Athisa
Moderator: Donna Tash

Sunday May 19
Topic: Shantideva
Moderator: Chris Savage

Sunday June 16
Topic: His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
Moderator: Melissa Smith

Sunday July 21
Topic: Jetsun Milarepa
Moderator: Jlseph Dyer

Sunday August 18
Topic: Lama Tsong-Kha-Pa
Moderator: Denise Viall

Sunday Septembr 15
Topic: Marpa Lotsawa
Moderator: Larce Savage

Sunday October 20 
Topic: His Holiness The 5th Dalai Lama
Moderator: James Riviezzo

Sunday November 17
Topic: Shakyamuni Buddha
Moderator: Michele Nguyen

Sunday December 15
Topic: Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche
Moderator: Ira Pettit

2018 Schedule

January 13 Finding balance in our busy lives.  Lou Ann Behringer

February 21  Refraining from harm  

March 21 Scope of Suffering

April 18  Self and selflessness  James Riviezzo

May 16  Six Perfections  Donna Tash

June 20 Transforming Attitudes

July 18 Tsok 

August 15  Refuge  Mellisa Smith

September 19 Calm Abiding  Ira Pettit

October 17 Aspiring to Enlightenment

November 21 Four Noble Truths  Eileen Urbanowski

December 29  Impermanence 

2017 Schedule

Lama Tsongkhapa's Splendor of the Autumn Moon


moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

How Trouble Starts and Stops


moderator: Mellisa Smith

Refraining from Harm


moderator: Melissa Smith

Aspiring to Enlightenment


moderator: DJ Pritchard

Symbols of Tibet


moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Focusing the Mind



The Buddhist Basics


moderator: Donna Tash

Identifying the Scope of Suffering



Four Noble Truths


moderator: Ira Pettit

How to Achieve Mental Calm



Relating to the Spiritual Teacher



Analytical Meditation




2016 Schedule

Relying on a spiritual teacher


moderator: Lou Ann Behringer


Death & impermanence



Seven point cause and effect


moderator: Sian Behnfeldt


Exchanging self with others


moderator: Donna Tash


Calm abiding of mind



Seeking Refuge



Generating the Bodhisattva spirit


moderator: Elizabeth McDonald


Tsok explained



Setting up an altar



How to develop altrustic intention



Transforming attitudes



Ethical discipline of the Bodhisattva



2015 Schedule

Altruism and the Six Perfections

January  21
Moderator: Sian Behnfeldt

The medicine of wisdom and compassion

February  18
Moderator: Chris Young

Eight verses of training the mind

March 18
Moderator: Denixe Viall

Self and selflessness

April 15
Moderator: Donna Tash

Luminous nature of mind

May 20
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Creating self-confidence

August 19
Moderator: Melissa Smith

Dying in peace

Sept 16
Moderator: Laura Fertig

Motive and Aspiration

Oct 21

Moderator: Kathy White

Creating the perspective for Practice

Nov 18

Moderator: Joshua Isix

Transforming trouble into fortune

Dec 16

Moderator: DJ Pritchard


2014 schedule

Practicing morality, identifying the scope of suffering

January 15

Practicing morality, discovering how trouble starts and stops

February 12
Moderator: Donna Tash

Practicing morality, refraining from harm

March 19
Moderator: Deb Morgaina

Practicing morality, discovering how trouble starts

April 16
Moderator: Donna Tash

Practicing morality, aspiring to enlightenment

May 21
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Practicing concentrated mediation

June 18
Moderator: Denise Viall

Practicing concentrated mediation, focusing the mind

July 16
Moderator: Ira Pettit

Practicing wisdom

August 20
Moderator: Melissa Smith

Practicing wisdom, examining how beings and things exist

September 17

Practicing wisdom, the middle way

October 15
Moderator: Daniella Pedroso

Practicing wisdom, mind and the deep nature of mind

November 19
Moderator: Sian Behnfeldt

Overview of the path to enlightenment

December 17
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

2013 schedule

Right understanding

Sian Behnfelt
February 27, 8:00 pm


Right thoughts

Chris Young
March 27, 8:00 pm

Right speech

Donna Tash
April 24, 8:00 pm

Right action

June 26, 8:00 pm
Karl Jones

Right effort

August 28, 8:00 pm
Ira Pettit

Right mindfulness

September 25, 8:00 pm
Chad Woodland

Right concentration

October 30, 8:00 pm
Derek Rogers

topics and schedule for 2012

Why Meditate?

with Daniella Penrose
July 25, 8-9 pm

Calm Abiding

with Ira Pettit
August 29, 8-9 pm

Mahamudra [CANCELLED]

with Lou Ann Behringer
September 26, 8-9 pm

Training the Mind [CANCELLED]

with Martha Christy
October 24, 8-9 pm

Practicing Wisdom [CANCELLED]

with JoAnn Goodwin
November 28, 8-9 pm

Mindfulness Meditation

with Sian Behnfeldt
December 19, 8-9 pm



Discouragement - Self Confidence

with Regula Stewart
February 2, 8-9 pm

The Two Truths

with Donna Tash
March 2, 8-9 pm

Mantras and the Power of Speech

with Greg Sandoval
March 16, 8-9 pm

Taking Refuge

with Terri Register
April 6, 8-9 pm

Five Enemies to Meditation

with Steve Ullman
April 20, 8-9 pm

Mindfulness Meditation in Therapy

with Gabbie Ciuca
May 18, 8-9 pm

Atisha's Seven Point Cause and Effect for Generating Bodhicitta

with Chad Woodland
August 3, 8-9 pm

Shaping Motivation

with Regula Stewart
August 17, 8-9 pm


with Jan Tatman
September 14, 8-9 pm


with Ernie Stewart
October 19, 8-9 pm


with Denise Viall
November 9, 8-9 pm

Diety Meditation Practice

with Marie Blanche
December 7, 8-9 pm




Understanding Key Buddhist Terms

Explaining key concepts that help us to better understand the Dharma

with Donna Tash
February 24, 8-9 pm

Beginning the Practice of Tibetan Buddhism

How to integrate this practice into our everyday lives

with Sian Behnfeldt
March 17, 8-9 pm

Cultivating Compassion - Connecting with Others

Meditations & visualizations that help us connect with our love & compassion

with Steve Ullman
April 21, 8-9 pm

Seven-Point Turning the Mind

Understanding the Seven Point Turning the mind to develop Bodhicitta, the practice of exchanging oneself with others and the 10 deeds of a Bodhisattva.

with Gabbie Ciuca
May 26, 8-9 pm

Compassion in Action - TO BE RESCHEDULED

“It is not enough to just meditate and pray, we also must take positive actions in this world” (His Holiness The Dalai Lama). How to put compassion into action.

with Jackie Sepulveda
June 16, 8-9 pm

Bringing more compassion into our lives

The practice of Chenrezig and the mantra Oh Mani Padme Hum.

with Greg Sandoval
July 21, 8-9 pm

Purification In Tibetan Buddhism

What is purification from a Buddhist point of view and how can we purify.

with Sian Behnfeldt
August 18, 8-9 pm


with Denise Viall
September 15, 8-9 pm

Mind of Anger - Mind of Patience

with Ernie Stewart
October 20, 8-9 pm


Shaping self confidence and courage by working with the discouragement that sometimes comes up in spiritual practice.

with Regula Stewart
February 2, 2011, 8-9 pm