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Please join the Emaho Benefactor Circle by becoming an Emaho benefactor.  In pledging whatever you can donate monthly, you help shoulder the financial responsibilities of Emaho Foundation.  As a benefactor you join our growing Emaho family.

Our gratitude, kind thoughts, and appreciation go to our present benefactors.  You who are currently benefactors help in unimaginable ways.  We value you and offer our deep felt thanks for helping Emaho remain vibrant.

108 Benefactors

We hope more of you will consider joining our global community.  Our goal is 108 benefactors. Together we can grow as spiritual brothers and sisters keeping true to our three-fold mission; to help with spiritual development, sharing and keeping alive Tibetan art and culture and supporting humanitarian projects worldwide.  Together we can become a more positive living presence in the world.

Please join the circle and become a benefactor now. We can't do it without you.



If you would prefer to make a one-time conribution, use the Donate button below:


Your Benefits

In gratitude for your generosity Rinpoche has developed a program with Emaho's resident teacher, Geshe-la , and the monks and nuns in Tibet. Each month three pujas will be recited on behalf of yourself and your loved ones; Medicine Buddha for spiritual, mental, and physical health, Green Tara for overcoming obstacles and Palden Lamo for protection. Each of your monthly pujas will be offered separately and be done the first of each month. As well, each month your name will be read as part of our monthly Tsok ceremony.

How Your Donations Help

Your benefactor donation helps support the underwriting of Rinpoche's global teachings, building and maintaining the new monastery in Tibet, helping to support the nunnery and nuns in Tibet, creating sustaining programs for the people of Tibet, establishing outreach programs, as well as the abundant Emaho Foundation programming.

From the financial point of view recurring donations are critical to our financial health.  As we expand locally, nationally, and globally we will be providing support, teaching materials, and program coordination among our ever-growing Emaho family.

Please be inspired to visualize arms of committed compassion supporting and helping to further Emaho's important three-fold mission. Under the guidance of our kind and generous spiritual teacher we are looking forward to the great things we can accomplish together in the next 10 years and the next 10 after that.

Thank you for helping create a strong, vibrant base.  Please know that each and every benefactor recurring donation is deeply appreciated and vital to our stability.  If you have questions or need help, please email

Please show your commitment to Rinpoche and the Dharma by supporting Emaho's benefactor circle program and start a tradition of leadership giving for the coming years. Your support will send a powerful message and improve not only Emaho's programming but also, most importantly, will help spread the Dharma, help save Tibetan culture, and support humanitarian projects. 

Together we can make a difference.

We can't do it without you.