To support our ongoing commitment to spiritual practice, Emaho offers a weekly prayer support group. Place your name, or that of a family member or friend, or even an animal or pet on our list and we will include that person in our weekly spiritual practice.

Current Prayer Requests

Updated October, 3, 2016

Anyone who wishes to can dedicate the merit of their spiritual practice or virtuous activity at the end of a meditation session by reading the list first, and then dedicating the merit for the help of those requesting support. Mantra can be recited during the day with these people in mind.

  • 14th Dalai Lama – Long life, health and protection from threats.  
  • ZaChoeje Rinpoche – Prayers for Rinpoche’s safe travels, good health, long life, success in spreading the teachings throughout the world.
  • Geshe Lobsang - Prayers of gratitude for his help.
  • How it works

Simply click on the link below and send a short description. When making a prayer request, please place the phrase "Prayer Request" in the subject line of your e-mail to insure inclusion on the Prayer List.

Be sure to state what you are requesting as a positive intention. For example, Bill - healing after a car accident, or Sally - success in finding employment, and so forth. Also, one can add entire groups or nations on the list when large scale karmic difficulties occur.