zarinpoNew Year message from Rinpoche.

Tashi Delek Dear Dharma students and friends.  I read a beautiful message recently by the author T.S.Eliot.

‘For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.

And next year’s words await another voice.’

I want to send my heartfelt thoughts and blessings as we come to the end of 2020,  a worrisome pandemic year.  I wish you and your loved ones happy and healthy. Please take extra steps to stay safe.  

In April of this year, I started “Wednesday’s with Rinpoche”, sharing with the global Facebook community tools and techniques to develop and sustain inner strength.  Each Wednesday, I’ve focused on aspects of how we can build inner strength to live happier more peacefully in the face of great difficulty.  Each week many of you have asked questions generating good dharma discussions.  

As we learned how to navigate live-streaming, we have been keeping in touch by offering programs via Zoom.

2021 is considered by Tibetan astrology as the year of the Iron Ox a fitting symbol of perseverance, energy, honesty and positivity.  The Iron Ox is associated with carefulness, loyalty and effort.   In 2021 I am looking to offer an in-depth series and life-stream workshops as we continue with stay-at-home while the world begins to heal from the pandemic.

From January 2021 through May of 2021 we will be establishing a matching funds campaign for funds to build a new Za Pang Thang nunnery.  The old nunnery was closed this year when a main supporting wall crumbled and collapsed, making the nunnery unsafe and impossible to repair. I am thinking to launch this project mid-January and run through May when the building season resumes.

 As we come to the end of this challenging year, we are moving into an encouraging  New Year.  If vaccine efforts worldwide go as planned, I hope we can emerge safely from our isolation.

I keep you and yours in my daily prayers.  I look forward to easier days in 2021 with wishes I can see you in person, that our doors will open and we can join together as a spiritual family and dharma community.  

 Happy New Year!


Zachoeje Rinpoche