Prayer for IndiaLoGyonMa practice with Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang, May 2, 11:30am MST

The world is deeply affected by the evolving Covid-19 pandemic. India is now particularly hard hit with confusion, sickness and death as is Brazil. The practice of LoGyonMa, Goddess Parnashvari, can contribute to turning the tide on this deadly virus. The spiritual energy of LoGyonMa helps transform disastrous states. The recitation of the LoGyonMa practice helps stop physical, mental, spiritual, and karmic obstacles. Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang will recite the Sadhana on Facebook Live. If you would like to join with Emaho’s monks, you can download the practice.

May the practice of LoGyonMa help halt the virus that is gripping our planet, causing unspeakable suffering. We dedicate our practice of LoGyonMa to the compassionate and brave people who help on the front lines of health care and the myriad of people with jobs helping to eradicate and lead us out of this disquiet and uncertainty.

For a copy of the LoGyonMa Sadhana  >> click here