new year messageTashi Delek and Happy Losar (Tibetan New Year), year of the Earth Pig. In Tibetan astrology the Earth Pig is associated with overall fortune. It symbolizes hard work, truthfulness, sincerity and humor. I’m here with my mom and family in South India getting ready for our traditional Tibetan Losar celebration. For Tibetans Losar is the major family celebration much like Western Christmas. Losar is a time of purification, new beginnings, family get togethers, fantastic food mindfully prepared and shared. Before sunrise Tuesday, February 5th I’ll begin the day with prayers honoring Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as well as prayers to Palden Lhamo with various offerings. I will include all of you in my New Year’s prayers. I arrived home to mom’s after a group pilgrimage to sacred Buddhist sites in Nepal and Northern India. I am looking forward to my 2019 teaching schedule beginning with a four day, two weekend intensive workshop on the Tibetan Buddhist practices on how to help the living and dying. I want to take this Losar to send my deepest heartfelt feelings of appreciation to all of you who sincerely strive to develope your love and compassion. In these chaotic times your efforts help emit peaceful loving light, helping to lift some of the heavy weight of this world. I wish you, your family and friends much love, health and happiness. May you and all beings be happy. Blessings, Rinpoche.