ZaPangthangTashi Delek

This comes with my sincere prayers that you and your family are staying safe and healthy.  These past 18 months have been difficult and have affected all of us living on this fragile planet.  In these 18 months, some people have lost their lives or have had a family member pass. Every one of us has been impacted to one degree or another. I hope we can see ourselves rounding the corner and finding ourselves headed forward on the road of recovery; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

As most of you already know, I have stayed the last 18 months at my mom’s outside our small village in South India.  The nearest large town, Mysore, is a two-hour car trip.  India is still struggling as it tries to get Covid-19 under control.  But here at mom’s, we are remote, vaccinated, and follow safety community guidelines.

I want to take this opportunity to update you on the Za PANGTANG nunnery project.  Emaho received a direct request from Chotso Kyi, a senior nun at Za PANGTANG, asking for help. Walls at the old nunnery were crumbling beyond repair.  Continued use of the nunnery was no longer safe.  Chotso Kyi asked if Emaho could help ease some of the finical strain. An anonymous person stepped up and pledged to match each until May 31st. 

With Emaho’s pledge to help, the nuns started planning.  With the help from monks from Za Gonsar Tashi Ganden Chopheling Monastery, the nuns broke ground and began to gather materials and supplies.  The nuns sent word out across  Tehor asking for volunteers. Engineers, builders, carpenters, artists, cooks and labourers came. People stayed as long as they could.  Childcare was set up while parents worked on the building. Daily the nuns organised and prepared two simple meals and tea for all the volunteers. 

The nunnery campaign burst to life and flourished.  By May 31, Emaho received $25,435.98. The donations were matched, and the amount sprung to $50,871.96.  A final contribution was received, bringing the total donated through Emaho to $75,435.98 

I am so amazed at your swift outpouring of generosity and your caring for the nuns, the dharma and Tibet. In addition to the donations sent to Emaho, I have received two additional pledges, one for NZ$30,000 =US$21,400, and the second for NZ$10,000= US$ 7200. As of today, I am thankful, appreciative, and amazed.  We have raised around $104,035.98 to support the building of  Za PANGTANG nunnery.  We globally joined hands with the hundreds of Tibetan volunteers, and together we built a nunnery.  

Work on the nunnery has temporarily stopped for the season.  In Tibet, this time of year, the fields need tending, and the nomads and their Yak head to higher summer pasture.  The nuns, too, have gone to help their families.  After harvest, in the fall, the nuns and volunteers will gather again to complete the building of the Za PANGTANG nunnery.  

Following in the tradition set by the 13th Dalai Lama, Master Sonam Tsewang, and my predecessor, the fourth ZaChoeje Rinpoche, Ngawang Choephel Tenpai Dronmey, I accept the spiritual responsibility of helping the nunnery and nuns.  Your contribution allows me to help.  Thank you.

I am grateful beyond words to all of you who donated, who shared the project's story with others and to all of you who sent prayers for accomplishing.  The nuns represent a vital link to the continued flourishing of the dharma in Tibet. Thank you.

I look forward to global travel returning safely home to the United States.  With a hopeful heart, I wish to see you soon.


ZaChoeje Rinpoche