Mark your calendar. Friday, August 4,  6:15pm-8:30pm ZaChoeje Rinpoche's Birthday
Rinpoche won't be back in the US on his birthday, but we're honoring him with a community get together.
6:15pm Rinpoche's birthday, community pot luck
7:00pm Video, 50 minute public talk: Inner Peace Through Tibetan Wisdom. Tibetan wisdom is based on open-minded awareness. Rinpoche describes the connection between having an open mind and a open heart. Conversely, narrow-mindedness results in a self-centered attitude and a disruption of our harmony and inner peace.
7:50pm We will recite Rinpoche's long life prayer, written for Rinpoche by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama
8:00pm Cake and Ice Cream

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