2018 - Workshops and Events

ahimsa 11

This Sunday, December 9, 1:00-3:00, Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang will perform the Menla Dochog prayer ceremony.

homelessThis holiday, please help provide for those Phoenix area homeless children who attend Children First Academy in downtown Phoenix.

Medicine 18

Transformative Healing Through the Medicine Buddha Practice
Saturday December 1 Medicine Buddha Empowerment
Sunday December 2 Workshop on healing using the Medicine Buddha practice


Intermediate Tibetan:
Saturdays 10:00am-11:00am

Beginning Tibetan:
Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm

Hearts On Fire

Tashi Delek! You are kindly invited to our annual fundraiser, November 17. We are planning a wonderful evening where we can spend time with ZaChoeje Rinpoche, the monks, friends and family.

November 3

On November 3 and 4, ZaChoeje Rinpoche is offering us a two-day weekend workshop on the profound topic "The eternal quest: What is truth?"
Please mark your calendar for Rinpoche’s first fall workshop. We are looking forward to the return of our kind and generous spiritual teacher.

sixGeshe-la Lobsang will offer a traditional series of teaching on the Six Perfections, known also as the Six Paramitas. The Paramitas are principles of enlightened living followed by the bodhisattvas.


ZaChoeje Rinpoche is leading a winter pilgrimage traveling in Nepal and Northern India.  The trip begins with our meeting up in Delhi, India, on January 5th.  The following day we will fly together to Kathmandu.  The trip concludes January 20th in Delhi, India.  For information please email: mail@emahofoundation.org for details.  The deadline for registration will be October 1st.  We are limiting the trip to 20.  Your reservation will be taken on first come first serve.

Union TeachingZaChoeje Rinpoche is giving a two-day workshop.
Topic: Blending Compassion with the Right Understanding of Emptiness
Emaho Center
10:00 - 4:00pm
Saturday August 25
Sunday August 26

will and Karma

Topic: Free Will And Karma.
Emaho Center
10:00 - 4:00pm
Saturday August 18
Sunday August 19


Join Us
ZaChoeje Rinpoche, our kind and generous spiritual master is turning 50.

o DALAI LAMA facebook 1
To honor His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and his teachings, Emaho Foundation is collecting bottled water donations for the entire month of July.
Please bring bottled water for donation when attending events at our Emaho Center so we may support those in need.
Emaho also maintains an ongoing collection of non-perishable food items to help vulnerable families in their struggle against hunger.


Please join us on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 7:00 pm to celebrate the 83rd birthday of His Holiness the 14th  Dalai Lama. 

A documentary will be shown and we will pray for the long life of His Holiness, followed by cake and ice cream. 

12 linkZaChoeje Rinpoche developed four annual certified in-depth classes to give students a deeper understanding of the root teachings of Buddha.

saka dawa 3
Tuesday May 29
Please mark your calendar to join us in celebrating Saka Dawa. 

 April 28Please join us for a two day workshop with ZaChoeje Rinpoche. 
Topic: Who am I?
Throughout our human history, the one common, deepest and most profound question we ask is ‘who am I?’ What is our true identity? 

Coping with Grief

Workshop with ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Subject: Buddhist methods of coping with grief.

Earthday 3

Please join us Sunday, April 22
Bring your family.  
Earth Day activity for everyone.
Earthday Crafts for kids, teens and adults
Bring a plant for the plant sale 
Salad Lunch

We are pleased to announce Emaho Foundation’s 2018 annual retreat with ZaChoeje Rinpoche.


Saturday February 17

Geshe Namgyal is offering to teach us beginning mala making. 

Four Noble Truths

Begins February 22
This class series is open to people who have committed to attend the entire 8 week course. ZaChoeje Rinpoche has designed four series of certified classes based on the root teachings of the Buddha. The winter series, which will focus on the four noble truths, will begin on February 22. In this first 8-class series, Geshe Lobsang will explain each noble truth in detail.

prayer workshop
January 13-14  10:00am-4:00pm 

White Tara Empowerment
All are welcome. Please join us for ZaChoeje Rinpoche's two-day workshop. Rinpoche will offer to us the White Tara Empowerment Saturday morning followed by a teaching Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

Last year at Ahimsa we asked for donations of warm coats for children in Rinpoche’s region in Tibet. It’s snowing and cold in Tibet now.  Thanks to your generosity over 700 pounds of warm clothing were collected.  There are not enough words of thanks for the comfort you brought to the life of a child.

This year we are asking for donations of items to meet the basic needs of homeless children in the Phoenix area. Children First Leadership Academy in downtown Phoenix is a charter school for homeless children. The need is heartbreaking. 

In the community room you will find the GIVING TREE decorated with tags of items to help support the 450 children as they attend school from all over the Phoenix area. Under the tree you’ll find a basket for your donations.

Here is a list of needed items.

  • Lice Shampoo (critical need!)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (travel size)
  • Hand Sanitizer (travel size)
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (travel size)
  • Hairbrush
  • Deodorant (travel size)
  • Bar soap (travel size)
  • Sanitary pads

You can bring an item, or take a tag from the tree and bring the item back to Emaho. We will be collecting donations up until December 22.

Please do not wrap your donations. They will be placed in the school for the children.

During this holiday season when most of us are gathered with family and friends, it is  compassion in action to help provide a small need for those who do not have a home that provides warmth, comfort, and safety.

Thank you

Emaho is welcoming 2018 with our annual mantrathon.