2020 - Workshops and Events

Benefactor2We invite you to join Rinpoche, Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang for a morning, get-together via Zoom. Rinpoche will catch us up on what is going on in his Tehor region in Tibet and give his thoughts on maintaining inner peace.  Rinpoche will conclude his talk by explaining the benefits of being a benefactor which include the five prayers the monks recite monthly on their behalf: 1. Chenrezig, 2. Green Tara, 3. Medicine Buddha, 4. Dukar and 5. Palden Lamo.

ZaChoeje Rinpoche and Emaho Foundation honor and appreciate everyone who in the past, are now, and who in the future, will become an Emaho Benefactor. We understand that these are extraordinary and challenging times. It’s been an unpredictable year and many of us have faced immense difficulties and sorrow. We are fortunate that during this time of uncertainty we’ve been comforted and encouraged, by our kind spiritual teacher, ZaChoeje Rinpoche. Rinpoche, the monks, and Emaho Foundation wish and pray for your happiness and peace.


Thursday, December 10, 7:30 pm MST, Zoom
Please join us for an auspicious celebration with ZaChoeje Rinpoche, Geshe Lobsang and Geshe Namgyal. Rarely does Ganden Ngamcho Chenmo, Tsok and Emaho’s annual Ahimsa event fall on the same day.  This year we are fortunate all three are December 10th.  

Ganden Ngamcho Chenmo is ‘The Great Ganden Ngamcho Chenmo Celebration of the 25th’.  On this date, Lama Tsongkhapa entered paranarvina. All across Tibet thousands upon thousands of butter lamps are set on windows sills.  The hills and mountains shimmer with light. Worldwide Tibetan Buddhists join paying homage to Lama Tsongkhapa by making an offering of light. To read about Lama Tsonghkapa see our link

Each year, Emaho has a community event called Ahimsa which is a Sanskrit word meaning non-harm and compassion.  At this event, we celebrate the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  During his acceptance of the prestigious award, His Holiness spoke of his dream for building a Zone of Ahimsa where the entire Tibetan plateau is a free refuge where humanity and nature can live in peace and harmony.

ZaChoeje Rinpoche will join us via Zoom and share with us some of his experiences with and thoughts about His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In addition, this year Ahimsa falls on the auspicious Dakini and Tsok day which is the 10th day of the Tibetan lunar month.  We will virtually share with Rinpoche, Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang and dharma brothers and sisters for an auspicious Tsok.
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     Passcode: Peace  / Webinar ID: 839 2016 7807

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Genuine Ahimsa, or non-violence, will only come after the inner disarmament of our mind. Lots of problems in this world are created out of ignorance and greed and it is impossible to achieve non-violence if our minds are full of fear and hatred. We need to use our human intelligence in challenging and overcoming negative emotions with positive emotions.’   His Holiness the Dalai Lama

sunday class 2

Sundays at 10:00AM MST, Geshe Lobsang is begenning the second five class series Following the Path of Those Who Have Gone Before. It is not necessary to have attended the first series. Please join us.

Geshe Lobsang has written and published two commentaries on the great Lama Tsongkhapa's excellent teaching, The Great Exploration on the Path to Enlightenment also known as the Lam Rim Chenmo. Geshe will share with us his commentary on what is considered to be one of the most influential Buddhist text. The central focus is the development of bodhichitta. 

In the second part, this five classes series Geshe will share with us how we properly listen to teachings, how to rely on a spiritual master and the the benefits of relying on a true lineage master.

Classes via Zoom begin Sunday, November 1, 10:00AM Mountain Standard Time.

1) To sign up, email emahoevents@emahofoundation.org .  We will then send you the link to the Webinar.  Please note that you will use the same link for all five session.  

2) The suggested donation is $10.00 a class or $50 for the series.  No one is turned away for lack of funds.  Donation can be made through Paypal.   Or by sending a check to Emaho Foundation, 11435 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

Donations per class or per series

Guru Yoga Tsok

Please join Geshe Lobsang and Geshe Namgyal for Guru Yoga Tsok via Webinar on Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00PM MST

The Tsok offering puja is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist ceremony involving offerings of flowers, food, and drink to the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas, and our spiritual Gurus in conjunction with prayers, chanting, and meditation. During the ceremony, we accumulate merit, purify negativity, and give and receive blessings. 

The Tsok offering is an essential method for renewing commitments and averting obstacles. With this method, we come under the care and guidance of the Dakas and Dakinis, who bestow our eventual completion stage realization.

Our Guru is the embodiment of the Dharmakaya, the ultimate guru, the transcendental wisdom of non-dual bliss and emptiness. Our conventional guru, the essence of which is the absolute guru.

Through effort in this practice, we develop our minds with great respect, devotion, and inspiration. Through effort in this practice, we follow the Lam-Rim path to enlightenment. For us to achieve enlightenment, the blessings of the guru must enter our hearts. The Guru Yoga Tsok practice helps us open our hearts and focus on the absolute guru. 

Zoom Webinar Information:


Passcode: Dharma  /  Webinar ID: 825 5723 1088

For the practice text see Emaho's website: https://emahofoundation.org/resources/practice.html

Dispel fireZaChoeje Rinpoche has given to us a mantra to help dispel fire. Please pray for all the sentient beings who have lost their lives to the wildfires, to all sentient beings who have lost home and shelter. May our prayers reach all who are standing on the front lines, the firefighters, the pilots flying into the flames dropping retardant, to the ground support crews, to the volunteers who rally to offer help in a myriad of helpful activities. May our prayers help quickly turn the tide of this destruction.
མེའི་འཇིགས་པ་སྐྱོབ་པའི་སྒྲོལ་མ་སེར་མོ་གཡོན་ནོར་བུ་ཆུ་ཤེར་ཆུ་བོའི་རྒྱུན་འབེབས་བཞིན་པ་བསྣམས་པ། Liberator from the fire danger Yellow Tara. She is holding the norbu choshel (precious gem that have a power to produce rain) flowing the stream of water. མེ་ཡི་འཇིགས་པ་ཞི་བ་ལ་སྔགས་ཉེར་གཅིག་བཟླ། To pacify the danger of fire recite this mantra 21 times with great compassion. ཨོཾ་ཏཱ་རེ་ཏུཏྟཱ་རེ་ཏུ་རེ་མ་མ་སརྦ་རཾ་རཾ་ཛྭ་ལ་བྷ་ཡ་ཤིནྟཾ་ཀུ་རུ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ༔ OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA SARVA RAM RAM ZWA LA BHA YA SHIN TAM KURU SVAHA

wheel of life We invite you to join Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang for a five-part Zoom teaching on the Wheel of Life. The monks will begin the class with chanting of praises and auspiciousness.

Rinpoche birthday 2020It’s ZaChoeje Rinpoche’s Birthday.  

In honor of ZaChoeje Rinpoche, our kind and generous spiritual teacher’s birthday, please join us August 4th 7:00pm on Facebook. Emaho Foundation for Tibetan Buddhist Studies

two truthPlease join Geshe Lobsang for a four-session course on the two truths.  The Dalai Lama suggested that for many in the West today, understanding the two truths—conventional truth and ultimate truth—is the best place to start in seeking to understand Buddhism.  

dalai lamas birthday

Please join Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang as they chant prayers of celebration and longevity for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in honor of his 85th birthday.

TsonkhapaBringing Buddhism Alive Through the Life Stories of the Historical Great Masters



Join ZaChoeje Rinpoche in the first of a series of classes designed to bring our understanding of Buddhism alive through the life stories of great Buddhist masters.

four Noble Truths 21In a 5 class series of teachings, Geshe Lobsang will share the history behind Shakyamuni Buddha’s profound teaching, the Four Noble Truths.  This series is suitable for people just starting their studies as well as for people who want to refresh and deepen their understanding.

Saka Dawa 2020Saka Dawa is one of the most auspicious days of the Tibetan Buddhist year.
It is the celebration of Buddha Shakyamuni's birthday, enlightenment and parinirvana, (passing away). In Tibet, this essential holy day is celebrated, remembering the life story of the historical  Buddha and by offering prayers of praises.

ZaChoeje Rinpoche has graciously accepted our request to guide us in a virtual weekend retreat. Rinpoche will bestow on us the empowerment of Goddess Parnashvari, also known as LoGyonma. 

teaching 20

ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Wednesday, May 20th, 9:30am (Arizona time)-Mountain Standard Time. (It will be 10:00pm Wed. India time)
Facebook live-stream
Rinpoche will continue to share with us tools and techniques that will help us build inner strength through meditation. We are fortunate for this auspicious opportunity. Hope you can join us.

HH teaching 15
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's Teaching:
Friday, Saturday, May 15 and 16, 7:30 pm Mountain Standard Time
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Teaches on: Chapters 1 and 4 of Nagarjuna's Precious Garland. 
Live Webcast on www.dalailama.com 8:00 am (Indian time).
An online version of the root verses is here.

13wednesdayZaChoeje Rinpoche
Wednesday, May 13th, 9:30am (Arizona time)-Mountain Standard Time. (It will be 10:00pm Wed. India time)
Facebook live-stream
Rinpoche will continue to share with us tools and techniques that will help us build inner strength through meditation. We are fortunate for this auspicious opportunity. Hope you can join us.

Earth day 2020

The Dalai Lama on Wednesday said that the ongoing global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic was a "lesson in universal responsibility" being taught to human beings by the mother earth.

Livestream on facebookWe have great news.  ZaChoeje Rinpoche will be giving a livestream teaching from India this Wednesday, April 22, 9:30am (Mountain Standard Time).   

The teaching will be live on Emaho Fountain’s Facebook Page and available for viewing after.

We are fortunate to be able to present Rinpoche’s auspicious first livestream teaching from India. Rinpoche will share with us how we can best utilize the difficult situation in which we find ourselves during this coronavirus epidemic.

Our matching fund drive, Twice the Good, has grown to $2,000.  We hope to raise the additional $3,000 pledged by the end of the month. Please consider donating to help keep Emaho alive and our dharma programs running.

We are striving to make live teaching sessions available online.

In a few weeks Geshe Lobsang will give his first online class.  He will be teaching a series of classes, the first of which will be on The Four Noble Truths.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated as we learn the mechanics necessary to bring you current teachings.

Youth program 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Our youth classes strive to teach the essential points of Buddhism through storytelling and art, in a simple and fun way that will help children apply the teachings to everyday life.
Children of all ages are welcome.
Each class includes setting up our alter, calming the mind with a short guided meditation and calming our bodies by focusing on breath.
2020 PROGRAM Escape from Samsara Island
In this monthly program we will take a journey to get off of Samsara Island using Buddha’s teachings on the Four
Noble Truths the Eight-Fold Path. We will find clues, solve puzzles and figure out codes using your very own treasures.
If you have any questions, please email Jackie, our teen and youth program director: E-mail: jackie@emahofoundation.org

Teen program 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Our monthly program includes setting up our alter, mindfulness practices and Qi Gong exercises as well as discussions on how we can apply Buddha’s teachings to our everyday lives.
2020 Program is a spiritual take on the popular Escape Room. Samsara Escape Room
Please join us as we find our way out of the Samsara Escape Room using Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path. We will navigate our way through by finding clues, solving puzzles, and breaking codes.
If you have any questions please email Jackie, our teen and youth program director: E-mail: jackie@emahofoundation.org


The Foundation of Buddhist Practice by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron begins with the four seals shared by all Buddhist philosophies, and moves on to an explanation of the reliable cognition that allows us to evaluate the veracity of the Buddha’s teachings.

The book provides many other essential Buddhist teachings, including:

  • the relationship of a spiritual mentor and student, clarifying misunderstandings about this topic and showing how to properly rely on a spiritual mentor in a healthy, appropriate, and beneficial manner;
  • how to structure a meditation session;
  • dying and rebirth, unpacking the often difficult-to-understand topic of multiple lives and explaining how to prepare for death and aid someone who is dying;
  • a fruitful explanation of karma and its results;
  • and much more.

His Holiness’s illumination of key Buddhist ideas will support Western and contemporary Asian students in engaging with this rich tradition.

Tara Feb 8Saturday, February 8, Emaho Center, 7am-4pm A day of retreat reciting Tara and LoGyonma mantra to spiritually help contain the further spread of the recently discovered coronavirus which has gripped the world’s attention causing death, suffering, fear, disquiet and uncertainty.

graphic Logyon Ma

Logyonma prayer and mantra for preventing and pacifying epidemics translated by ZaChoeje Rinpoche

Losar 2020Please join us in traditionally welcoming the Tibetan New Year, the year of the Iron Rat.

Zachoeje Rinpoche designed the student talks to not only benefit the Sangha but, more importantly, to benefit the person who reads, studies and prepares the talk. 
Rinpoche asks we pick a subject, preferably one about which we know little or nothing.

Sunday January 28
Topic: How to find balance in our busy lives
Moderator: Lou Ann Behringer

Sunday February 23
Topic: How to find sustainable peace with self
Moderator: Sain

Sunday March 22
Topic: The 8 auspicious symbols and what they represent
Moderator: Otto

Sunday April 19 
Topic: How to deal with anger from a Buddhist point of view
Moderator: Parva

Sunday May 17
Topic: How to set up a practice altar at home
Moderator: Otto and Sian

Sunday June 14
Topic: What is the relationship between you and your spiritual teacher?
Moderator: Donna Tash

Sunday July 19
Topic:The qualities of a Bodhisattva
Moderator: Ira Pettit

Sunday August 16
Topic: Ethics and a good society

Sunday September 20 
Topic: What is universal responsibility?

Sunday October 18
Topic: Suffering, impermanence and death

Sunday November 22
Topic: Jataka Tales
Moderator: Lynne

Sunday December 20
Topic: The Seven-Limb Prayer

Jataka Tales

Jataka in Pali and Sanskrit means birth. These popular stories of the former lives of Buddha helps us develope personal characteristics beneficial for those aspiring for the enlightened state free from suffering and the causes of suffering.


mantrathon 20

Please join us in welcoming 2020 with our annual one-day Chenresig, Avalokiteshvara, retreat and Mantrathon.