Mantrathon 12Please join us in welcoming 2019 with our annual one day Chenresig, Avalokiteshvara, retreat/Mantrathon. Emaho’s Mantrathon welcomes the new year strengthening our sangha friendships and our wishes for a year of global peace, health, happiness and spiritual growth.

The Mantrathon is a worldwide community event with practioners from Tashi Gaden Chopeling monastery in Tibet, nuns in Tibet, the people in ZaChoeje Rinpoche’s Tehor region in Tibet, monks in Drepung Loseling, india, Rinpoche’s friends and students in New Zealand, friends in Japan, the sangha in Yakima, Washington, friends in New Mexico, and our Emaho Phoenix Sangha joining together to collect mantra dedicating our prayers for the well being of all.
Our annual Mantrathon is held with wishes for a year of beneficial resolution to world problems, a year of healing and happiness.

Chenresig‘ s mantra, ‘Om mani Pade hum’ is the mantra evoking and allowing our love and compassion to expand our hearts.

Emaho Foundation Schedule
You are welcome to stay for the full retreat, drop in when your time permits, or join us from home.
6:45am. Bagels, toast, breakfast cereal, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea
First session
Break 9:30-10:00am
Second Session 10:00am-noon
Lunch break noon-1:30pm, soup and bread
Third Session 1:30pm-3:30pm
Break 3:30-4:00pm
Fourth session, conclusion and Tsok 4:00pm-5;30

At Emaho Center you are welcome to bring fruit and sweets for Tsok and flowers for the altar. If you are able, please try and maintain a vegetarian diet for the day.
We suggest a donation of $108. Your donation helps Emaho keep the door open, provides for Rinpoche and the monks, allowing Emaho to continue to serve its three-fold mission.
Please keep a tally of your mantra collection and email your numbers to We’ll post our global collection for 2019