Fire Puja 1

ZaChoeje Rinpoche is offering to Emaho benefactors the powerful purification ritual ceremony of Zache Khandro.

The Zache Khandro (Za Byrd Maha’ ‘gro) practice is related to a purification ceremony. We perform a fire puja visualizing Zache Khandro in the flame with her mouth wide open. We’ll use traditional black sesame seeds as the symbol of our negativities and bad karmas. We will offer those into the fire together with black sesame seeds. As the seeds enter into the mouth of Zache Khandro, all bad karma and negativities from the past are burned, released and purified. We can also write down the things we want to let go of visualizing them being released as the paper burns

Emaho committed benefactors, you are invited to attend a special fire puja with ZaChoeje Rinpoche at Firedancer Ranch in Phoenix.   

Benefactors: your benefactor donation helps support ZaChoeje Rinpoche’s global teachings, the ongoing building and maintenance of the new monastery in Tibet, helping to support the nuns and their nunnery in Tibet, creating sustainable opportunities for the people of Tehor, Tibet, and establishing outreach educational programs.  Becoming  a benefactor also supports two learned Geshes who provide traditional Tibetan Buddhist programs and events.  Your benefactor donations also provide for humanitarian projects, locally and globally.

Recurring donations are absolutely critical to our financial health.  By taking committed action, you help by supporting Rinpoche, the dharma and Emaho’s three-fold mission.  You become spiritual family.

Every recurring benefactor donation, regardless of amount, is deeply appreciated as well as being vital to Emaho’s stability.

We are asking current benefactors to see if they can increase their monthly donation Even small amounts matter.  If you aren’t yet an Emaho benefactor and wish to become one, you can sign up online or sign up at the gate to the fire puja.

If you travel with GPS set to 8645 S 20th St Phx 85042 (20th St n Euclid Ave) by South Mountain. Park in the rear of the property back where the horse stalls are located (on Euclid Ave). It will be marked with Tibetan flags.  Please enter on foot through the main entrance gate.  

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Smith, Emaho’s CFO and benefactor campaign manager at

Fire Puja