Mantra and Mudra

Several people have requested classes on both mantra and mudra.  Geshe Namgyal will be offering classes on both chanting (mantra) and hand gestures (mudra}. Weekly classes begin September 11.

Geshe will begin by teaching the hand gesture used during the recitation of the mandala offering, as well as those used during the offerings of water for washing, water for drinking, etc. 

The classes will begin and end with chanting Om Mami Padme Hum, the mantra of compassion.

Mantra, or chanting, plays a vital role in Tibetan Buddhism.  The specific sounds recited during our daily meditation practice were designed by the masters to help purify and calm our minds, allowing us to enrich and deepen our meditation.

Mudra, or hand gestures, were taught to accompany our practice by influencing minute positive changes in the body that support overall good health.  Mudras help bridge the body and mind--stimulating our vital energies.