Ahimsa 21

Emaho Foundation commemorates the 1989 awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Dalai Lama, the world’s best- known Tibetan Buddhist leader and international figurehead in the cause for peace on our planet. As we enter the holiday season may your days be filled with compassion and universal harmony.

In celebrating the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama the Geshes will perform the prayer ceremony of Nay Chu. The ceremony pays homage to the sixteen Arhats, (Sandskirt, sthaviras, English, elders). The 16 Arhats were close disciples of historical Shakamuni Buddha. Buddha requested of these Arhats that they remain in the world protecting the dharma for as long as beings benefit from the teachings. They each vowed to protect and preserve the Dharma until the coming of Maitreya. The puja ceremony Geshe Namgyal and Geshe Lobsang will perform assists us in supporting our Dharma practice for the benefit of all beings. Sitting with the monks in prayer with pure motivation assists us in supporting our dharma practice with the aspirations of the lineage masters. The ceremony will conclude with the Long Life prayers for His Holiness and ZaChoeje Rinpoche. Emaho traditionally celebrates Ahimsa with a community get-together. It's a time we gather in friendship and appreciation for our spiritual brothers and sisters and our fortune of being under the guidance of our true lineage master ZaChoeje Rinpoche . For the second year we celebrate Ahimsa virtually with wishes the isolation of the pandemic will pass and we can come together with aspirations, inspiration, faith and love.

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