gaden ngachoePlease join Geshe Lobsang and Geshe Namgyal for Ganden Ngachoe via Webinar at 7:00pm December 29

Ganden Ngachoe is the anniversary of the death of our great Master Je Tsongkapa, 1357-1419.  Ganden Ngachoe is the great Tibetan celebration of the parinirvana of Lama Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism and the Ganden monastery.  

Across Tibet in monasteries, nunneries, village homes and nomad camps light from butter lamps shine in a commemorate to Je Tsongkhapa. This day is being marked everywhere in Tibet and throughout Tibetan communities and Tibetan Buddhist centers throughout the world. 

Join us for this auspicious Guru Puja practice which helps strengthen our relationship with our root guru.  The Guru yoga practice helps purify our negative karma, revives broken commitments and accumulates great merit.  We will end the evening dedicating our Ganden Nagchoe ceremony for the long life of all spiritual masters and for the benefit of all beings.

The suggested donation is $10.  Emaho Foundation appreciates any donation to help us sustain our programs.  Thank You!

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