perfection classIn this series of Essential Buddhism, Geshe Lobsang will give this six week course beginning Sunday, May 29 at 9:00am Arizona time.  We are pleased to welcome in-person study at Emaho Center or join us via Zoom.

The six perfections are a path to enlightenment and a corner stone of Fundemential Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.  Utilizing the perfections in our daily actions enables us to maintain the strength of our admiration, inspiration and faith, ingredients creating spiritual support as we follow the path to awakening. The Six Perfections are part of the great master TsongKampa’s, The Lam Rim, the gradual path to enlightenment.  Join Geshe-la as he brings depth to our understanding of these important fundamental teachings.

The Perfection of Generosity: Generosity, openness with our time, our resources, and our hearts. We have within us the seed of generosity: consciously practicing the first perfection allows that seed grow and flourish.

The Perfection of Ethics: With the practice of ethics, we abandon harming others and work to benefit them. Ethics allows us to cultivate a genuinely kind heart.

The Perfection of Patience: With patience, our mind remains undisturbed by the changing nature of samsara.

The Perfection of Enthusiasm: The energy we bring to our Dharma practice is that of joyous effort. We can generate an enthusiastic mind that brings delight.  This joyous effort counters our tendency toward laziness.

The Perfection of Concentration: As we learn about our abilities, we learn to control destructive actions.  We gain liberation.  

The Perfection of Wisdom: Transcendental wisdom, or prajna paramita, is the antidote to our sufferings in samsara. The Perfection of Wisdom allows us to perceive things as they are. 

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