Vajrasattva, The Great Purifier.  Weekend workshop with ZaChoeje Rinpoche. September 10 &11

10:00am-4:00pm Az time at Emaho Center in-person or via Zoom

How to purify negative energy and karma with the Vajrasattva practice -

Our mental defilements and negative karmas prevent us from moving forward on our spiritual path. Buddha said that all negatives can be purified. The Vajrasattva practice is the most effective method taught by Buddha to clear away our impurities and negative karmas. During this workshop, Rinpoche will teach us how to do the Vajrasattva purification practice through insight meditation, creative visualization and mantra recitation.

We will learn how to apply the four powers of antidotes in this purification practice:

    1- Power of Reliance.
    2- Power of Repentance. 
    3- Power of Remedy. 
    4- Power of  Resolution. 

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