Tsok May 6Please join Geshe Lobsang and Geshe Namgyal for Guru Yoga Tsok  at 7:00pm November 18, 7:00pm AZ time

The Tsok offering puja is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist ceremony involving offerings of flowers, food, and drink to the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas, and our spiritual Gurus in conjunction with prayers, chanting, and meditation. During the ceremony, we accumulate merit, purify negativity, and give and receive blessings. 

 The Tsok offering is an essential method for renewing commitments and averting obstacles. With this method, we come under the care and guidance of the Dakas and Dakinis, who bestow our eventual completion stage realization.

Our Guru is the embodiment of the Dharmakaya, the ultimate guru, the transcendental wisdom of non-dual bliss and emptiness. Our conventional guru, the essence of which is the absolute guru.

Through effort in this practice, we develop our minds with great respect, devotion, and inspiration. Through effort in this practice, we follow the Lam-Rim path to enlightenment. For us to achieve enlightenment, the blessings of the guru must enter our hearts. The Guru Yoga Tsok practice helps us open our hearts and focus on the absolute guru. 

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