Refuge practice is known as the entrance to the spiritual path In Buddhism. 
It invokes the inspiration, admiration and trusting faith in the Three Jewels - the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.”  ZaChoeje Rinpoche
Entering into the spitural path; The Refuge Practice. 

Refuge (Tib. Kyab-Dro) is the entry and gateway into the spiritual path. In this practice, we learn how to acknowledge our fear of suffering and gain confidence in overcoming it by generating faith in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. When we take refuge in these Three Jewels, we navigate our spiritual journey to reach our fullest potential- the primordial Buddha nature.  In this workshop, Rinpoche will precisely teach us how to engage into refuge practice step by step.

Sunday afternoon Rinpoche will offer refuge vows for those who wish to take refuge vows and receive their spiritual Tibetan name.  Those who have taken refuge previously may refresh their vows.  

 Saturday, two sessions:

First session 10-12am, AZ time

Second session 2-4pm,AZ time

 Sunday two sessions

First session 10-12 am, AZ time

Second session 2-4 pm, AZ time

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