ལོསྲ༢༠༢༣Losar, the Lunar Tibetan New Year, is a day of festivities, celebrated around the world by Tibetans, friends and Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.  It is one of the biggest holiday events in Tibet. 

Losar represents new beginnings, fresh starts as well as uhering in the new year with prayers for good luck, good fortune, happiness, health and spiritual development.  From the point of view of the Tibetan lunar calendar February 21 is the beginning of the Tibetan New Year in 2023. 

Losar is Celebrated by Tibetans much like how Westerners celebrate Christmas with families gathering together, wearing new clothes, food is wonderfully prepared and shared. Tibetans start the first day of the year rising early to honor Buddha, Dharma and Sangha with various sense offering and visits to local monasteries. Palden Lhamo protection prayers are recited for auspicious new beginnings.

Please join us in traditionally welcoming the Tibetan New Year, 2023, Year of the water Hare.   The year of the water hare brings with it times for sensitive and creative projects. The pace of the year will move slower than the past few years helping us remain more easily centered.

Geshe Lobsang and Geshe Namgyal will begin the new year celebration with traditional Losar early morning prayers that are recited before the sun rises.

Please join us at Emaho Center or via Zoom

Tuesday February 21, prayers begin at 5:30 am, concluding at 7:00 am, Arizona time.

After prayers, please join us for traditional Losar morning rice/nut rasian cereal. 

His Holiness the Dalai Lama takes the opportunity of Losar to express his wishes on how we can achieve happiness:

Since everybody wants to be happy, and no one wants to be miserable, the cause of happiness is giving benefit and joy. If you lead your life in benefiting others, and not harming them, that's a meaningful life, a life that has”Tashi” (good fortune). On that basis saying ”Tashi Delek” means ”May you be happy in the here and now, and, as we Buddhists say, you may finally achieve definitive goodness.”

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