Except for the silent meditation hour with Geshe-la, meditations are guided. Practicing together helps us focus on developing love and compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness. Mahayana precepts are offered once a month by Geshe-la. See below for details of each meditation and event.

Check out our monthly events calendar for times and dates. 

Silent Meditation

Please join Geshe-la for an unguided silent meditation. This is an opportunity to sit in meditation with Geshe allowing your mind to relax from everyday concerns bringing awareness of our rich inner spiritual world. You can use this time to sit quietly watching your mind, or to collect mantra or to reflect and find freedom in serenity.

Love & Compassion Meditation

The meditation on love and compassion  opens our hearts and minds unconditionally to limitless sentient beings.

Bodhicitta Meditation

In this meditation we create within us the wish to become enlightened for the sake of all beings which is the foundation of compassion. Together, compassion and wisdom lead to full enlightenment.

Wisdom Meditation

Learning to understand the nature of things as they truly are is the heart of the wisdom teachings. Meditating on wisdom brings this understanding alive and makes it relevant to our lives and thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation

In the meditation on mindfulness, we learn to watch our thoughts without judgment or comment. Thus we lay the foundation to go deeper into self discovery without confusion, fear or doubt, developing the awareness that builds a spiritual ground from which to live our lives.

Mahayana Day

The 8 Mahayana vows, or precepts, are taken for 24 hours, beginning at 5am, usually on a full moon and new moon day. Taking the vows helps us strongly maintain the Bodhisattva practice in our lives, reinforcing our determination to become enlightened for the sake of all beings. Vows are taken by those who want to participate in the full day of precepts.